Programs & Services

We’re implementing programs to create a neighborhood that is safer, cleaner, greener and an even better place to conduct business. Services listed below are funded by district property owners in an area from about Second to Fifth and Market to Harrison Streets – a special place defined by its diversity of residents, cultural offerings and businesses.

Clean Team

A cleaner district creates a more inviting place for people to live, work, study and explore. The Clean Team works to improve the appearance and cleanliness of the district every day 6 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. They steam clean all sidewalks in the district twice a month, work daily on sidewalk cleaning and gutter sweeping, and remove trash on a frequent basis. They also oust weeds, clean tree wells, get rid of graffiti, and paint poles, mail boxes and fire plugs. These services began in June 2009.

Community Guides Program

Our Community Guides serve as goodwill ambassadors in the neighborhood. They’re easy to spot in black and green uniforms with the YBCBD logo. Guides provide information about our great businesses, give directions, and connect those who need help to the right social services. They report maintenance issues like areas that need to be cleaned. They do not provide emergency response, but will call our dispatch center to report issues. Up to eight guides work daily 6 a.m. to Midnight. When you see them, please introduce yourself if they haven’t already said hello first. This program began in June 2009.

SFPD 10B Officer

The safety of people who live, work and visit the neighborhood is a top priority. In addition to existing police services, the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) provides officers to the YBCBD under City Administrative Code Section 10B. These officers are funded by the YBCBD. The 10B officer primarily addresses quality of life issues within the neighborhood and within the purview of SFPD, such as issuing citations for drinking, trespassing, permit violations, littering, and pedestrian safety infractions. The additional police presence adds 80 hours per week of police time to the 5,000 hours a week already provided by the Southern District Station. This program began in July 2009.

Business Development

Marketing programs help strengthen the area’s economic viability to make it more inviting to businesses and visitors. The YBCBD is working to develop a neighborhood brand/identity, organize events to draw people to the area, produce promotional materials, such as district maps, brochures and newsletters, to name a few elements.


Greening enlivens the area to make it more enjoyable for everyone. Activities are being developed and may include tree planting, hanging flower baskets, and other streetscape improvements. In addition, we are developing a small grants program to support other activities by community organizations to improve the neighborhood. For example, that may include increasing community greening by creating “pocket parks” or improving access to public art through outdoor murals.

Community Benefit Fund

The YBCBD Community Benefit Fund will support district initiatives by providing small grants to programs in the neighborhood that help to achieve the mission of the YBCBD. The Community Benefit Fund Committee is working on a process to allocate funds to organizations focused on improving our area. Grant eligibility and application information will be posted here in the future.

For more information about the YBCBD please refer to our FAQs here.